Monday, May 03, 2010

Eyesight Problem.

Among our brood, I think I am the luckiest to have been blessed with a good eyesight. My two elder sisters have been wearing contacts and eyeglasses for several years now. I am not ignoring the idea that the time will come and I’d also get to wear a pair of spectacles or an eyewear because it’s a fact that as we grow older, our eyesight deteriorates. But in my case, who’s always in front of the computer all throughout the day, I just hope that I’m not speaking so soon. Recently, I’ve been experiencing overnight headaches that won’t just go away when I wake up the next day. Hope it’s not the so-called Computer Vision Syndrome. I’ve read that there are anti-glare glasses to help reduce eye strain so that’s what I’ve been browsing for in a particular eyewear online shop. I think I need the assistance here of my optometrist friend because I'm absolutely clueless about this thing. I hope she can help me with this. I absolutely do not want to suffer any inconvenience or worse, contract any eye-related dilemma. I have an idea how discomforting it is because my elder sister would often complain then. I've seen what she went through and still experiencing until this time so as early as now, I do really need to take every preventive steps and ways to take care of my eyesight.

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