Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Shower Cake


A Cookies and Cream Red Ribbon Cake was what we ordered for a dear friend’s bridal shower a year ago.  It’s actually a special request of the soon to be Mom as it’s her favorite flavor.  One proof that he she is a big fan, she immediately took a slice as soon as the box was opened.  She couldn’t resist her sweet tooth cravings.  She’s aware that too much sweets is bad for her and the baby but she guaranteed us that she can control herself, much to our relief.  We didn’t want her to get big and be blamed for the extra pregnancy fats she’d gain.  Even though she has access to the best weight loss supplements, she can’t take them after giving birth.

The cake reads..”Look out I come!”  Such a nice and very apt wording for a soon to be born baby, right?

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