Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hoping for a hong kong getaway

I'm currently planning our December family getaway and Hong Kong will be our destination. I'll just have to secure the husband's insights first before I proceed with the booking of our flights and our accommodation in a famous Hong Kong hotel. But I'm very certain that the pictures will speak for itself. I can just imagine how the husband will instantly nod yes upon seeing how cordial and cozy our hotel room is, how exciting the trip to national parks tours sounds and how the shopping destinations are so alluring with great deals and sales.. I also have to emphasize that this hotel is just nearby the main attractions of Hong Kong plus presenting the exciting itinerary of our prospective day tour might do the trick. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope to obtain his approval later.

I have researched at and will most probably book the trip through Collette Vacations. They have specialty escorted tours and customized tour packages all over the world like australia tours and asia tours. Each package was carefully tailored to make a unique tour relating to history, culture, and special events of that certain country. Very informative travel resource as well because travel info and trivia are just limitless.

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