Friday, June 18, 2010

The Love For Pearls

I have blogged a lot of times in my Fashion and Shopping Blog how I simply adore pearls. While jewelries made of precious metals such as gold and silver also do exhibit a rare and inviting appeal, there’s something about pearls that attract me more. They are dainty and elegant yet can be so casual, too. In other words, pearls, especially the white ones, go great with the fanciest dresses or the most casual jeans. I can wear them everyday without the reluctant thoughts that my jewelries may be off or may come in contrast with what I wear or the fear that I might get held up or robbed since they’re not as flashy as golds and diamonds.

My love for them must be the reason why I can’t get enough browsing the website of Pearls Only.  The lustrous world of pearls never cease to mesmerize me especially if they’re beautifully crafted to necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  And Pearls Only exhibits that one of a kind craftmanship as evidenced by their overwhelming catalog of pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet sets whether they’re made of Freshwater, Japanese Akoya, Hanadama and Chinese Akoya.  These are just among the pieces that I fancy the most:

jak-w-aa-67-p-trinity-01-t w-aa-78-e-02-t w-f-pend-s-910-heart-02-t

And wait, I just have to mention that these, by the way, are on Red Tag Sale so if you are tempted to buy (just like me), go ahead and splurge.

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