Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Visit.

After attending the 6:30 PM mass last night, my boys and I drove to the little one’s godmother’s house in Sta. Cruz area. We’ve been there many times already but we almost got lost along the way as there were road blocks and dead ends with the ongoing road excavations in almost every intersection.  As there are one way streets there, we had to reroute a longer way.  We found ourselves cruising along Avenida and Tayuman areas where medical supply (like pulse oximeter, stethoscope, etc) stores abound.  Luckily, it was a Sunday and the traffic was very light.  We got in my friend’s house a few minutes later.  The reason of our visit was that I handed the What To Expect When You’re Expecting book to her as our gift on her pregnancy.  Yes, she just found out that they’re expecting.  Also, this particular friend has just arrived from the US so we got the pasalubongs for her beloved godson.  I’ll take a picture soon what the little one scored from her ninang.  Want to take a guess?

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