Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Makeup – A Girl’s Best friend.

Not only diamonds, but makeup is also a girl’s best friend. Some women use them a lot everyday while some use just a little. But however and how frequent they may be implored, makeup is very well loved by women because it is a tool that helps them to look the best they can. Everyone has flaws to deal with: thick or very thin eyebrows, big eyes, flat nose, etc. and makeup is the magical tool of choice to hide their imperfections and put their features to near perfect instead.

There are no rules in choosing a makeup brand. The choice entirely lies upon the wearer. However, one must remember to avoid using cheap and the so-so makeup products. The dollar stuff may be easy on the budget but this usually will not apply well, stay long and can even be irritating on the skin. I have my own favorite branded products and among them are Clinique products. It may be a little expensive but Clinique is a company that creates a very high quality line of products. What I like best among Clinique makeup products is their moisturizers. I heard that Estee lauder makeup is also a great brand. Have to try that next time. I think it’s a perfect timing because I just recently discovered White’s East Hampton Chemists and Perfumers, an online shop that sells high quality cosmetics and perfumes that are all natural and authentic. I have to try ordering from them any time soon.

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