Thursday, June 24, 2010

Centipede Grass: Enjoyment without All the Work

Centipede grass is a great choice for people with busy lifestyles. It does very well in mild climates, and is especially popular in the Southern United States. As long as it is properly maintained, it competes against weeds, crowding them out so you do not have weeds popping up all over your lawn. It grows a beautiful, lush green, and makes a terrific "show" lawn if you are too busy for excessive maintenance or yard work.


Centipede grass grows very slowly, and only grows to a few inches. You mow centipede grass shorter than other grasses, to about 1 1/2 or two inches, so it can be mowed much less frequently without it looking like you are not taking care of your yard. Even when mowed irregularly, it still looks good, without acquiring that scraggly lawn look you sometimes see. If you get decent rainfall, it does not have to be watered often, but if you live in a drought-stricken area, you still need to water regularly. It only needs to be fertilized once a year, sometimes less frequently if it is doing well. Fertilize with nitrogen and potassium, but no phosphorous, and it will be a lush green your neighbors will envy.


Centipede grass has such low maintenance; you can spend more time enjoying it, and less time mowing it. Spread a blanket, lay out a picnic, and enjoy a cool evening surrounded with beautiful green grass and no weeds. Invite over a neighbor or friend so they can enjoy it with you. If you are feeling particularly generous, you can even let them in on the secret of your beautiful lawn: Lush green centipede grass that gives maximum enjoyment for a minimum of work!

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