Sunday, November 15, 2009


We just received the wedding invitation from one among our many friends who are getting married before the year ends. Looking at their entourage names, I could say that they are one "professional-studded" cast because mostly are doctors, engineers and architects! Lacking is a representative from the lawyer's group. I wonder too if the group of CPAs is represented.

Speaking of Certified Public Accountants, I've heard one particular Las Vegas accounting firm that my batchmates in college are raving about. A lot of them are wanting to fly to Nevada and be part of KondlerCPA's group of elite accountants who are very well commended for their brilliance in providing accounting services and financial business solutions. Having a vast experience in industries like petroleum distribution, auto dealerships, retail/convenience stores, etc, it's no doubt how many businesses in the area are contracting and commending their services very much.

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