Thursday, December 09, 2010

Add a Personal Touch to Your Jewelry Gifts

If you want to give a truly unique gift this holiday, jewelry with a personal touch can be a memorable way to make a lasting impression on someone. It doesn't cost anything extra to personalize your diamond discount jewelry gifts, it just takes a little extra thought and attention. Here are a few ideas to consider to help you find a gift that is as unique and personal as the recipient.


Any jewelry that can carry photos, like lockets and charms, offer a great opportunity to personalize a jewelry gift. Photos that can help to personalize a jewelry gift are photos of children, parents, grandparents, or even the gift recipient themselves. Romantic gifts can include an image of the couple. For pet lovers, you can put a small picture of their beloved pet.


If you know the birthday of the gift recipient, you can choose jewelry that has their birthstone in it. Most of the birthstones are semi-precious stones, and for those that aren't you can used synthetic stones. However, many of the semi-precious stones are easily affordable.


Buy charms that mean something special to the gift recipient. Maybe they love penguins or they are book worm, you can buy little charms indicative of their personal preferences. Maybe they have a goth style and would appreciate skeletons or crosses as charms. The charms are as individual as the people.


Names make a great way to personalize a jewelry gift. You can use the letters for initials or engrave the name or nick name onto a piece of jewelry to personalize it. Charm or pendant necklaces with initial charms are popular with a large number of people. You can even get a bead bracelet with engraved lettering to spell out the name of the person or someone close to them.

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