Friday, June 24, 2011

Heavy Rains, Stop!

Despite the heavy rains, the husband still was so every eager to come to work.  I was coaxing him to just work from home but the very dutiful and dedicated employee in him decided still to report for work.  I can’t help but worry because the heavy rains and strong winds are just too strong.  His umbrella isn’t enough to keep him dry.  Plus, floods are everywhere and this might just get him stranded on the road.  He didn’t bother bringing the car because it’s much more a hassle if the situation gets worse.  I really wish he just stayed at home.  I won’t be pacified until I see him home safe and sound. 

Hope the heavy rains will stop now.  Let’s all just stay indoors.  Don’t bother braving the streets as it’s just too dangerous even if your rv has rv insurance, it’s better to stay put and safe.

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