Friday, June 24, 2011

A Newlywed’s Wealth Management Plan

After the big wedding day, the newlyweds finally face the reality that they are on their own now and about to start a new life together.  Their financial future is among one of the most important topics that they have to discuss which include saving options, insurance, property ownership, money management, etc.  An wealth management plan should be formed and put in place to ensure the financial security of the family they’re starting to build.  This may be a little complex for a starter but newlyweds can turn to a Missoula, MT wealth management group for guidance on this very delicate matter.  The Eichwald | Fritch Wealth Management Group, part of D.A. Davidson & Co., provides financial services assistance to individuals and businesses in providing an integrated approach to arriving at an effective and realistic wealth management plan.  This often covers the following facets: investments, cash flow, insurance, debt, retirement and real estate plans.  Most marital problems are rooted in money problems but if they are checked in place even before they appear, marital bliss and harmony will be achieved.

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