Friday, August 20, 2010

What is a hydraulic Ram?

At my folks’ place in Makati, water shortage was the biggest ordeal we endured when we transferred there two decades ago. The place was elevated, in fact, the road leading to our house was uphill so it’s understandable why the water supply was scarce. One of the solutions that the homeowners thought of was to use Hydraulic rams. A hydraulic ram or hydram is a hydropower-powered cyclic water pump that is used in highly elevated remote areas with a source of low-head hydropower then there’s a need for pumping water. Then years later, the homeowners decided to use Electric motors as they deemed it necessary to cope up with the increasing demand of water as more and more residents moved in our village. During that time, industrial supply stores were greatly demanded as it’s there the necessary supplies are bought like a Hydraulic valve and Pneumatic valves. If internet was already existing that time, I’m sure they would have scoured the necessary supplies from Fremont Industrial Supply, Inc. In the US, it is the leading distributor of high quality and extensive catalog of industrial supplies like pneumatic cylinders, air line preparation components, air line tubing and fittings, high pressure hydraulic pumps, gear reducers, bearings and other power transmission components.

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