Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lovely Pendant Light Fixtures For the home

We were invited to a friend’s newly built house yesterday and I’m so impressed with how she artistically styled the home. Just like ours, their place isn’t that huge but she was able to make it appear spacious because of the furniture, ornaments and light fixtures she used at the proper location and points. She didn’t hire an interior designer and did it all by herself so I’m really envious of her interior designing skills. I invited her over to our house so she can give input and recommendations on how to make our Little Mansion more homey, elegant and well designed.

One of the things I can’t get my eyes off in her house are the pendant light fixtures in the living room and in the dining area. She also has kitchen light fixtures installed and it’s equally elegant as well. She mentioned that her Mom in the US bought them from Echo Lighting Design Gallery. She got good reviews of this online store in terms of the quality, wide selection, competitive pricing and impressive customer service. Since last night, I’ve been endlessly browsing the pages of the online catalog and I must agree that their products are indeed lovely. This got me excited all the more for our upcoming home lighting fixture project for our humble abode.

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