Monday, August 02, 2010

The Importance of Water Filter Systems and Purifiers

We were not spared when Maynilad Water Services had to cut down 30% of its water supply to the eastern side of the metropolis that they serve. We did not have water for more than one week and just like everyone else who were in the same plight, we anxiously waited for help in the form of rations brought about by truck every now and then. Although murky, we were still thankful that we have some to use in our day to day routines. It was that moment when the husband and I agreed that we should have invested in Water filters or Water purifiers long before so we could be somehow provided with a safer and clearer water. Although, they are not meant to totally eradicate 101% all water impurities, a large percentage is diminished.

There are various Home water filter suppliers on the web where we can find all sorts and types of filters for personal use. But the most alluring I saw online are those from Big Berkey Water Filters. They are the largest licensed dealer of Berkey products in the US and Canada and they have the widest selection of water filter systems and purifiers.

Browsing their catalog, I believe the Berkey Light model is perfect for our small family during unexpected emergencies as what happened recently. This system comes complete with two black berkey purification elements, 2 cylinders, a base and utilizes the latest technological advances. I’m lured towards it because of the freebies that come with it like 2 Sport Berkey Bottles, PF-2 Filters (Set of 2), replacement parts kit and shower filter. I know that this is a good choice because it’s among their bestsellers as featured on the site.

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