Sunday, August 01, 2010

Wholesale fabrics for a Home Based Tailoring Business

With just a creative mind and a resourceful attitude, it’s so easy nowadays to start a home-based business. Let’s say you have a pair of artistic hands that can transform an ordinary piece of fabric to a stylish fashionable wardrobe, linens or draperies, moolah will definitely start to trickle. For a more profitable tailoring business, one needs to scour for the affordable yet quality Fabrics such as that sold by Discount Fabrics USA. It is a is a Thurmont, Maryland-based company that sells Wholesale fabrics. Serving for more than a decade now, their company has expanded to become one of the largest dealers of drapery and upholstery fabrics on the entire Eastern Seaboard. With their online store, shopping for a specific type of fabric among multitudes can’t this be easier. Their selection is very extensive but browsing each one is easy peasy because all fabric types are prominently listed on the sidebar. The $6.99 Fabrics and Best Sellers can be easily spotted too because of its strategic placement. For a more pleasurable viewing, each of the fabric type are artistically photographed. What I like about their website is that a comparative viewing of prices (retail vs wholesale) is also listed. They also have themed sections so let’s say you wish to sew a jungle safari themed draperies, one section is entirely dedicated for all fabrics with such style.

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