Monday, August 02, 2010

Mold Test Kits

My son, unfortunately, has developed asthma last year. The husband and I were surprised because none of us are asthmatic nor have respiratory tract complaints. That’s when I realized how the environment and the air we breathe now are so full of impurities. As confirmed by his pediatrician, respiratory problems such as as asthma can indeed be acquired from the surroundings and is not necessarily hereditary. The good news is that he can outgrow this provided that we prevent him from various allergens and conditions that can trigger this. This is why I’m so very particular with our home’s sanitation. I have already discussed this with the husband but very soon, I’ll be getting a mold test kit similar to the one available at to prevent mold causing illnesses. The mold test kit is just easy to use and requires no extra help from professionals when administering it. The kit which costs $68 comes complete with testing materials, an instruction sheet and processing form. The analysis will be performed upon turnover of samples. An online full-color report will be emailed and can also be posted online for easy retrieval and access any time. The results can be further explained through a phone conference. Doing a test for mold is one way of keeping the home free from illnesses and diseases.

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