Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Passion That Pays Generously

If you are like me who is so much into blogging, then I bet you also author and maintain more than one blog or more than five even. Each having different niches and themes catering each and every interest that you may have. If you are monetizing them or you just simply want to have an "identity" of their own, each of them have their own domains and for the more internet savvy, they also have their blogs hosted. But such can be so costly, thus, looking for cheap linux web hosting is a usual routine come renewal time.

While maintaining so much blogs can be rewarding ($$$) and fulfilling for having so many memories chronicled as they happen, it can also be time consuming and sometimes, brain draining. I author a total of nine blogs now (soon 11) all in all with different niches. Back then, I was able to religiously update each one of them but the moment I became a Mom, less time is spent although I can't also disregard it totally as it's my bread and butter since I'm no longer working in the corporate world and it's my way of augmenting the husband's income.

Every mom will agree with me that motherhood is really a tough job and stressful and so I can say that blogging, which is the only “me” time that I got, keeps me sane.

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