Monday, August 30, 2010

A Possible New Career With iPhone App Development

My husband is a software developer and is employed in one of the leading IT Consulting Companies worldwide. His works are focused though on designing and building websites of prominent businesses worldwide. He’s actually a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer but apparently was led to the world of Information Technology after taking the Boards. It is his first ever job and is still working for the same company for six years now. These two fields are entirely different but he said that there’s a similarity as far as the logical skills required and the fast advancement of technology particularly, the internet, are concerned. I remember that his thesis tackled telephony and the VoIP technologies which has got to do with audio conferencing.

Since he has gotten attached to the world of web designing, the emergence of wonder gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad might lure him to take a step forward in his career and maybe he could try iPhone App Development this time. Application developers of these are really well demanded these days. It is because there are also many software developing companies looming following the great demand for iPhone and iPad apps. One of them is which I came to learn about when I was scouring the iTunes Store for new iPhone game applications I can download to my iPod Touch. This particular software programming company is specializing not only on iPhone Games Development but on BlackBerry, Palm Pre, RIA, and Android App Development as well. With all the numerous applications that have been awarded as top favorites worldwide, it can be said then that Sourcebits is an industry leader in advanced software, Web portal and visual design.

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