Monday, August 02, 2010

va home loans

I can perfectly understand how loans, specifically, housing loans can be so helpful in acquiring one’s dream home. We’re currently in that life turning point and actually, we’ve just moved in a month ago. We initially thought of applying a housing loan from Home Development Mutual Fund but as government offices in the country have this stigma of processing applications so slow unless one got a connection, we decided to apply ours in a bank. We obtained the approval in just a matter of five days after submission of all the necessary documents. Then after that, everything was in order. The next thing we knew, we were already packing our things and we were moving in.

In the US, there are these so called va loans. It’s also a housing loan but it’s a special kind that is intended for veterans who “offered” their life for the country. It is a loan that retirees or those in military can avail for them to acquire their own house. Of course the va mortgage rates as well as va refinance rates are greatly reduced. This is a form of incentive and a token for all the hard work, courage and patriotism they rendered to the country. My VA Refinance is a great resource of the lowest VA mortgage rates in the market. They have been existing for 10 years already and because of their exemplary service and truly alluring rates, they were able to help thousands of retirees achieve their own home where they can retire relaxingly.

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