Saturday, June 23, 2012

90% Well

After being sick with terrible colds and cough for more than 3 weeks, I’m finally feeling better.  I was diagnosed with acute sinusitis and normally, it wouldn’t go away in a month.  Actually, I still have occasional bouts of nasal congestion and throat itchiness (so I cough it out) but I’m waaaay lot better.  In fact, my right hearing has been restored.  It was impaired and had hearing difficulty the entire time I was sick! 

While I’m near to 100% recovery, it’s just disappointing that the bug hasn’t just left the house as it’s my little princess who’s now nursing colds and cough. She’s now under medications which spells a little trouble because she dislikes opening her mouth to drink meds!  The worse part is that she’s taking in about 5 medicines including 2 antihistamines since this was brought about by allergy.  Glad that we were able to buy her medicines easily just how easy it is to order online for Adipex at  Yes, even medicines and supplements now can be ordered through your fingertips!

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