Monday, June 11, 2012


Nothing stays still.  Change is inevitable.

There would always be a point in our lives when we find ourselves losing interest with a routine or those things that have become a habit.  Although not necessarily wanting to give it all up, but there’s a time when we want a breather and do something new.  We find something else to divert our attention with the hope of easing the boredom.  For some, they yearn for a new adventure. 

This is what’s exactly happening to me right now.  The online world has become a hard habit to break since I first touched the keyboard and even more when I got hooked on blogging.  I know you might have noticed the very scarce updates in all of my blogs.  I guess I’m at that point that my passion is shifted to something else.  From getting hooked on internet and technology (yes, there has been a geek in me for the past few years), I’m wanting something else.  So from reading about POS Hardware, software and other techie things, my time are now mostly spent on doing crafty things.  I’m not entirely giving up blogging but I don’t know…perhaps, I just want a breath of fresh air.

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