Saturday, June 02, 2012

Back To School Savings Tips

Kids going back to school means huge expenses are coming the parents’ way.  There’s the tuition fee that increases yearly, books, uniforms, school supplies and other stuff.  June (here in the Philippines when school year starts) is an expensive month for parents of schooling kids.  To save on costs, here are some tips on how parents can save:

1.  Have an “essential” back-to-school list and stick to it.

2.  Set limits. Stick to the budget.

3.  Do not buy new uniforms or schooling clothes if the old ones can still be used.  This also applies to school shoes and bags.

4.  Bind loose notebook leaves that were unused in the previous school year.  You spare yourself from buying new notebooks.

Another ten months of schooling are about to start.  The next thing you know your child is preparing for a gre schedule and that’s when you realize time flies fast indeed.

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