Monday, May 28, 2012

Cool Vests to Beat the Heat

Beating the summer heat can be quite a challenge. Using an umbrella or putting on sunscreen will not directly release the heat from your body. Wearing a Cool Vest is one of the easiest ways that will relieve you from heat. offers quality water-related products, promoting the importance of water in one’s health, environment, and even recreation.

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Cool Vests are one of their innovative product lines. They have evaporative Cool Vests and phase-cooling vests. The first one releases evaporation to cool your body. All you need to do is soak the vest in cold water or freeze it before wearing it. Evaporative cooling vests are perfect for outdoor activities such as cycling, gardening, or if you’re simply sensitive to heat. The phase-cooling vests use ice packs inserted in the pocket of the vests. Compared to the previous one, this vest stays dry because you don’t soak it in water. Phase-cooling vests can hold a steady temperature of 14 degrees Celsius for 3 hours. Both types of vests are non-toxic, durable, lightweight, and washable.

To top it all, these cool vests come in a sundry of attractive colors, creative designs, and even additional accents like studs and crystals (for the women’s line!). They are reasonably priced, too! For more information on this literally cool product, visit the store.

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