Friday, May 11, 2012

Wedding Fascinators

Wedding fascinators are the “in” thing nowadays.  It has become a favorite alternative to the traditional tiara to complete the bridal couture.  This bridal headpiece gives the bride a modern and individualized wedding fashion statement.

There’s a wide array of wedding fascinators.  It comes in different sizes, colors, shapes, materials and applique elements.  Here are some points to remember when choosing the right and comfortable to wear wedding fascinators:

1. The hair piece can go as big as you want but do remember that it will also come with a weight.

2. There’s a huge variety of materials that can be used: feathers, tulle, hats, ribbons, flowers, beads and sequins.

3.  The options for colors is relatively wide also.  Feathers can be dyed to achieve a more appealing color.  However, for the bride, popular choices are white, ivory or cream.  For the guests, they can opt for pastels specifically pink and blue hues.  

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