Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Under Speeding

We had a quite thrilling road trip on our way home from Laguna last weekend. Reaching home should take us only 2 hours but the unthinkable happened.  We drove for 3 hours or so.  No SLEX traffic or whatsoever.  The reason is that the Starex couldn’t accelerate and the maximum speed it reached was just 60 kph, average of 40-50 kph. We were under speeding at the expressway…glad we were not apprehended.  Once the brakes were hit even if it’s not at a total stop, it would seemingly hang and it wouldn’t accelerate even just a bit.  The engine has to be shut off and turned on again for us to start moving.  The husband suspected that there’s something wrong with the fuel system parts. We’re still yet to bring it to the repair shop.  It was a such a huge relief we reached home..after perhaps about a hundred of shutting off and turning on the engine.

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