Thursday, May 17, 2012

Awesome Wireless Doorbells

Wireless doorbells are getting more and more ingenious. If you go to Wireless Doorbell Store you’ll find different brilliant wireless doorbells with unique features.

To help you decide, here are top 3 doorbells worth looking at:

1. Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell

This award-winning wireless doorbell is easy-to-use, with quality sound, and a trendy design. It has five separate, artist composed, high-quality polyphonic alerts namely: classic town hall bell, knocking at an old wooden door, contemporary lounge-inspired tune, Asian-inspired tune, and low-frequency tune (for the hearing impaired).

2. Honeywell 6-Channel Wireless Doorbell

This wireless doorbell detects when one of your windows or doors is open. It controls six individual channels which can be programmed to a separate wireless push button, door/window contact sensor, or indoor/outdoor motion detector. This amazing product can be customized to your needs.

The receiver’s range is up to 450 ft. Channels have six different tones: Ding Dong, Saint Clements, Westminster Chime, Tube Chime, Warm Brass, and Fantasy.

3. Optex 1400 ft. Range Wireless Doorbell

This long-range wireless alert is designed to transmit a signal through high interference areas such as shops or buildings outside your standard range. Twelve additional sensors may be added to each receiver which covers multiple locations at the same time. This system works well with the 1400 ft range motion sensor so you can have a doorbell and motion alarm all-in-one system.

Browse from the product range of and find the best wireless doorbell that suits your needs!

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