Monday, July 09, 2012

He Missed Them

It’s been a month already since my parents arrived from abroad and will be staying here for good.  And if there’s one person who can be considered the happiest because of their arrival, that would have to be Asher.  He’s ecstatic and thrilled every time we visit them in Makati or they visit us here in Quezon City.  Of course, the feeling is mutual for the doting grandparents.  Asher loves playing with his Lolo so much that my Dad could no longer keep up with the little one’s energy.  They have also  been generous in showering him with gifts and toys, probably making up for the long time that they’ve been away and for the special occasions they’ve missed.  We’ll be seeing them soon again and I’m thinking of surprising them with a special token of thanks.  I’ve seen a couple of nice gifts at Red Envelope.  I’m convinced that it’s the shop for those hard to buy for grandparents.  So ecstatic to see their reaction.

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