Friday, December 18, 2009

Online Procurement

When I was still working for an American call center a couple of years ago, among my tasks were to source, canvass and procure stuffs that the Operations Group requires. I remember ordering stuffs that served as their prizes and incentives: gadgets, appliances, hotel accommodation, tokens, giveaways and a lot more. The procurement manner was kinda old-fashioned then but before I resigned there were already plans to shift to some kind of more advanced procurement way. That is to give online purchasing a try. I think that's the system they're currently taking advantage of now. My former colleague says its a whole lot easier and faster because its paperless and all it takes is just a click of the mouse. For example, they have already tried dealing with Jazz Medical, an online medical supplies retailer, they were able to procure some clinical supplies without much hassle. They also got a good deal because the prices are relatively cheaper compared to their previous supplier.

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