Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wedding Proposal Ideas

I'm such a sucker for weddings. And since marriage proposals come first before it, I'm such a sucker too for romantic and unique proposals. For the guys, remember that it doesn't matter if the engagement ring is expensive or not, what matters most is your sincerity on how true and how much getting married to that particular person means so much to you.
Here are some ideas I compiled and stumbled upon on the internet:

1. During a special dinner, pop out three roses: Tell her one represents the past, one represents the present, and the last one (with a lovely everlon ring tied or tucked in it) represents the future.


2. If you have a parrot, train it to say, "Will you marry me?" And make a big show with the new words he has learned -- at a romantic moment.

3. If she is a school teacher, you could propose with all the school listening. Get permission from the school principal. Record a videotaped proposal and play it over the school video system, or make an announcement over the intercom. Then go to her classroom and give her the diamond with everyone cheering.

4. You can also buy a space on the newspaper and stage your proposal in an ad style.

5. Stage a treasure hunt. Provide her clues leading to the ultimate treasure which is the ring.

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