Thursday, October 20, 2011

Backup Day

Today, I declare that it’s a Backup Day.  Well, I’m pertaining to my stash of digital photos saved in my laptop and external hard disk, that is.  This is one task I’ve been delaying for so long and now that I’m about to give birth, I need to free up the memory of our cameras and video camera to give way to the new abundant photos that will surely be taken once the new baby arrives.  Further, our pictures taken from November of last year onwards haven’t still backed up in DVDs so that’s primarily what I’ll do. 

I’ve also unearthed some old photos of my childhood that I wish to scan and save it digitally.  These  photos are so precious as they remind me of my childhood years.  There’s even one photo of me taken beside our very old analog tv!  I thought that I’d never recover these photos again.  Glad I found them.

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