Friday, February 24, 2012

Subtle and Tactful

Many women has shopping as their obsession and an easy task for them.  They can do so well going through the racks of stylish dresses and tops and pick up that one piece that stands out for them.  They can try on so many shoes yet they’ll be able to find that loveliest pair for their feet.  Give them a big shopping cart, they can fill it up in a jiffy.

However, as expert shoppers they may be, it can be quite frustrating when they’re dealing with shopping for gifts for guys (that they'll love).  It’s always a challenge picking out the things that the guys would surely appreciate and like.  Perhaps, the reason for this is that guys are more subtle than women.  While a woman can have a ready shopping or wish list, a man would be less vocal and be tactful about it.  Guys may not be that outspoken when it comes to telling the gifts they wish to receive but it’s a fact that men, much like the ladies, love receiving gifts as well.  Well, who doesn’t feel special when given a gift?

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