Sunday, August 25, 2013

Craft Musical Instruments

On a rainy day, kids get easily bored at home. Giving them something to do like fun craft activities can keep them busy and entertained. Search the vast resources on the internet for ideas, tutorials and step-by-step techniques of easy, fun craft activities that kids of any age can do. Bookstores and craft stores also have craft kits that can be bought in a pack and just assembling them is what’s left for kids to do. For the musically-inclined kids, give them hand drum kits. The kit contains ready-made white card drum, coloured straws, ribbons and beads. Kids can personalize and decorate the kit with acrylic paint or deco pens. Or just give them a toilet paper roll board that they can transform to king trumpets. They will surely have a great fun making these noisemakers.

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