Monday, March 28, 2011

Halted Travel Plans

Our recent Boracay trip entailed me and my companions free one way ticket to any local destination courtesy of Cebu Pacific.  It’s actually a sorry-for-the-inconvenience-gift because our supposedly Caticlan-bound flight at 9:25 am was cancelled and we were redirected to a Kalibo flight instead about a couple of hours later.  We were of course disappointed but got a little excited of the free ticket because that means we’d be in for another group getaway.  We were thinking of a Bohol vacation some time this year and we even agreed that we’d start waiting for seat sale alerts so we can book our flight back home at a discounted deal.  With that we’d get to travel without spending much.  But plans are put on hold (for me and Paul at least) because we just learned that we’re pregnant.  Meaning, I may not be in my most comfy state to travel.  Further, we need to save for the hospital and delivery expenses so a travel budget is set at zero.  Perhaps, we’d just be contented for now looking at pictures of favorite destinations like Oceanfront vacation rentals.  We'll just pass up the trip opportunity for now but definitely, we’ll go on a trip with our travel buddies some other time, hopefully next or in two years time.

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