Sunday, July 10, 2011

HS Graduation Gift

Graduation is one of the most exciting and awaited events of a student.  For a High School student, it’s a surreal and momentous feeling because not only it’s the time when his hard work during the secondary years are acknowledged but more so, it’s an important milestone in his schooling life.  It is the passage into a higher level of education which is college.  For the parents, seeing their kids graduate from high school make them so proud and relieved.  To reward the hard labor of their kids, a high school graduation gift will surely be appreciated and be thanked for.  The options are various: from luxurious gadgets, travel, laptops and computers, cameras, jewelries to simple tokens such as special food treat, a book, bag, etc.  It doesn’t matter really how expensive or how big or small the item is, the fact that you’re tapping their back for a job well done and acknowledging the hard work toiled is already a big and symbolic gift.

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