Sunday, July 10, 2011

Me: The Surprise Giver

Paul is not the type who would come up and stage surprises…which is just okay for me because basically, I’m the one who loves giving surprises especially during our “going steady” younger years.  I’d rather be the giver, than the receiver.  It gives me a different high whenever I see the delight and surprise in his eyes.  For several Valentines, I’ve had flowers (in every color except pink roses), teddies and chocolates delivered in his office.  I’m the happiest when he buzzes me and thank me profusely for the surprise he has just received.  There were rare instances when the husband attempted to stage surprises for me but he never succeeded…why? Because he’s not good in keeping his own secret.  He always spoils his own plan and being the inquisitive and nosy me, I always discover his gimmick ahead even before he can stage it.

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