Saturday, November 05, 2011

Christmas: The Season of Overeating

Christmas is nearing once again. That means that the season of food feasting and overeating is also upon us. As we are reminded frequently, we must make sure that we eat just right and moderately. We may be enjoying loads of delectable Christmas foodies like ham, lechon, and other fatty foods but are we prepared to face the consequence it brings? Loading on cholesterol endangers the health tremendously. Of course, nobody wants to get sick and be erroneously prescribed with Crestor which is a drug to treat high cholesterol or other cardiovascular diseases then filing later on a Crestor lawsuit, right? It has recently been discovered that this drug has harmful side effects. So before we come to that point when we blame ourselves at the end, we must be disciplined and practice self-control not only during the Holidays but all year through.

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