Saturday, November 05, 2011

Teeth Braces

Browsing this particular job search site that features openings for Orthodontist Jobs made me reminisce the time I was wearing braces during my teenage years. I remember that I frequented my dentist's clinic every month because it had to be adjusted every now and then to correct my misaligned teeth. Often, the colors of the rubbers that are worn on each bracket depends on the season. Like for December, I had a green and red combination set of rubbers in time of the Christmas season. Then had an all red brackets on the month of February for Valentines. This is the part that I miss with wearing braces. But other than that, I abhor the pain that came along with it. I couldn't eat anything except for soups after every adjustment. Mefenamic acid used to be a staple inside my bag to stop the pain. But after taking it off, I could say that it's worth every pain. Now I can smile and show off my beautifully aligned teeth proudly.

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