Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do Not Hyphenate Kids’ Names

I’m not claiming that I’m an expert in the English language nor a perfect grammar guru, but sometimes it’s just surprising to see some educated people and even professionals (worse, they’re educators) getting confused on the basic and easiest rules.  One example is the use of hyphens in names.  You don’t put a hyphen in a kid’s name not unless your surname has one.  I have a former teacher before who has Igorot roots and her surname is Bumad-ong.  Other than this, hyphenated names in the Philippines are used only by married women professionals who choose not to drop their maiden surnames socially and in legal documents.  So when opening a Facebook account for your kids, do not ever hyphenate their names should you wish to include “brag” still your maiden surname.  It’s just way off.  You’re making it appear as if he got married and worse, he’s a boy.  Kaloka.  If the experts would see this, they’d desperately rush for the best acne treatment because of the zit-causing stress such instances bring.  Que horror.

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