Monday, January 17, 2011

Lion’s Head Park

I couldn’t say that I’m already 100% back to my regular programming (re: online routines) since I still have to take it all easy and light while I recuperate.  So pardon for my late posts as it’s just now that I’ve got a lax time and the mood to do so.  If you are subscribed to the feeds of all my blog posts, sorry for the “scattered” Holiday posts.  That’s the only way I can catch up on blogging about them and accomplishing my special tasks at the same time (kwim).

Anyway, before descending from the cool city of Baguio, the family couldn’t resist stopping by along Kennon Road at the Lion’s Head Landmark.  We stopped over and did what else, took pictures of us!

The Lion’s Head is a limestone rock formation built by the Lions Club Baguio Chapter that has seemingly become the “gate” of the City.  Many tourists stop by to have their pictures taken in this famous landmark and at the same time marvel at the wonderful greeneries of the mountains.  On descent, stopping by would be the tourist’s last chance to savor the cool city breeze where trees of pines and every kind of beautiful flora are sprawled (not sure if there are olive trees though). 

When touring Baguio, it’s never considered complete without stopping over and have a picture taken at the Lion’s Head Park.



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