Friday, January 14, 2011

Finally Together

I love hearing love stories in weddings that have unusual beginnings.  When I say unusual, they’re the ones that have weird setup, atypical arrangement or simply put, one that you wouldn’t expect they’d end up together.

I just saw from a former colleague’s Facebook the photos of her wedding recently.  It took place in the United States where her then fiance is domiciled.  They’re actually both Pinoys but their love story just started online and the long distance-slash-online relationship lasted for 10 years before they decided to finally get together (physically) and settle down.  It’s really amazing and admirable because many relationships fail with this kind of setup. 

Their cyber wedding theme is cute.  The table centerpieces in the reception included miniature laptops, modems, routers, headphones and all other things that symbolize the internet.  Guess what, they even raffled off a netbook for the guests so just imagine how everyone was so thrilled and giddy.  But of course, the giddiest and happiest of them all was the couple who survived the odds of cyber and geographical distance and remained amazingly in love with each other still.

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