Saturday, October 16, 2010

Car Is Back

A friend sighed a big relief when finally their car was released from the service center after about 6 months of repair.  Earlier this year, their parked car was rammed one night by a raging vehicle driven by a drunk driver, according to witnesses.  The passenger side of the car was in total wreck and the windows and doors were totally dilapidated.  Worse, the driver just drove away and did not even bother to check, more so, acknowledged the damage he had caused.  It happened in an ungodly hour so my friend only just saw the wreck the next day before going to work.  Good thing their car insurance took care of everything and paid all the expenses, otherwise, it would have incurred a total damage, too, on my friend’s wallet.  But, as it is, the whole of six months that the car was in the service center and they’re auto-less, it was a total hassle on their part.  I just don’t know the status of their complaint filed in the police headquarters but I heard the driver was elusive.  But  nevertheless, they’re just glad that the ordeal of having no vehicle is over. 

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