Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Mail-Order Plant Company of Fruit Trees and Palm Trees

A friend living in UK shared through her Facebook that they’ve cut down the Apple Tree in their backyard a few days ago.  She gave the fruits to their neighbor who returned the favor by giving them freshly baked apple pies.  How I wish that we can also plant fruit trees here in backyard such as apple or other citrus fruits that are so expensive in the market.  Unfortunately, no matter how I pray, it won’t be possible to plant those in our backyard because our country’s tropical weather wouldn’t ever permit so. 

Anyway, for those in the US who needs a seedling bank or a botanical shop to buy trees and plants from like flowering trees, berry plants, grape vines, shade trees, palm trees, bamboo plants, a visit to the Willis Orchard Co’s website is a must.  It primarily operates as a mail-order company so through their vast pictures on gallery of plants for sale plus a safe, secured and easy checkout process, your plant order will be processed and delivered at your footstep in a jiffy.  They are based in Moultrie, GA and buyers within that area can call to schedule an appointment for pickup orders.  FedEx usually handles the shipping and the plants are safely packaged and handled very carefully so the orders should arrive in their best condition.  The FAQ of the website is a very nice reference for those who are interested on ordering plant trees as all guidelines with regards to shopping, payment, shipping and even necessary information that has to do with growing the ordered plants are very well explained.

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