Monday, October 25, 2010

Get Your Own Video Marketing Campaign

Why video? 77% of online users view online video. This is the most favored form of advertisement compared to other medium like print. A successful online marketing can be achieved by combining different effective and strategic medium of campaign or advertisement. This can be achieved by putting together a powerful video marketing.’s video production team are experts who will work with you to create a video for the marketing campaign of your product and business, helping you promote your website. And according to the experts, the length of time for the video to be effective and retain the customer’s attention should not exceed two minutes.

It is easier to attract audience with the use of videos marketing; most people retain information with visual images. Video marketing best complements other online marketing campaigns. is a video marketing agency that offers video marketing service. One of the three packages they offer is the Graphic Video Package, which is based on up to 2-minute edited video clip, and the video contains up to 20 photos. Professional scripting and voice over is included on the package, with up to 2 revisions, the video includes graphics, music and titles. Video will be on a digital file on CD and converted to web formats such as .mov, .wmv, or flash. All packages include consultation with the producer. You get all these for only $999!

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