Sunday, October 03, 2010

Shopping For Table Tennis Equipment

Table Tennis is one of the few sports that my husband and I share the same interest with.  I took up table tennis for a PE class in college so I definitely know how to handle a ping pong racquet and “bonded” deeply with the numerous ping pong tables in our school gym.  My husband’s family used to have this old, improvised ping pong board which we fondly used and play table tennis on as our daily exercise.  Too bad, our routine stopped because it just suddenly retired.  Oh well, what do we’s just an improvised one so it was not that sturdy and also, not comfortably to play with because of the irregular line markings and uneven leveling of the board.  This prompted us to look for a local table tennis equipment store but we were startled when we found out that it was too costly and not to mention, such a hassle to order from them because of the delivery limitations they impose.

In the US, table tennis lovers are lucky because there is a sporting goods store that makes their shopping easy.  All sorts of sports equipment and sports fan gear can be ordered from  Just as the name suggests, anyone can just easily order their sporting goods requirements through their safe and easy shopping interface.  They offer tempting and guaranteed best deals, easy 90 day returns, high quality and top sporting brands and even offers free shipping on 4,000 items!  Whether it be goods for basketball, baseball, football, golf, soccer, skateboarding…name all sport types, they all got it here.

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