Sunday, October 03, 2010

Different Types of Custom Flags

Custom flags can be just a simple looking piece of cloth but actually, they’re very useful in a variety of ways.  Aside from instilling patriotism and reminding tool of historical symbolism as in the case of national flags, custom flags can be used as an effective means to promote a business.  Further, it can also spruce up the exteriors and interiors of a home or an office as it adds up aesthetic appeal because of their styles and colors.

There are different types of custom flags for these purposes:

1. Feather flags are the banners that are often seen at sports events and festivals.  They’re made of lightweight fabric-type materials usually of polyester and are attached to a frame that is either tear drop shaped or sail shaped.

2. Pennant flags are flags that are long and tapering and comes in a distinctive form.  This usually comes in strings where inverted triangles are side by side placed.

Other types are car flags, digital flags, beach flags, flutter flags, attention flags, checkered flags and many more.

West Coast Flags has the widest selection of these custom flag requirements including all types of flags, pennants and flag poles.  Each of their products are made of high quality materials that will surely last and endure strong winds which is primarily the harsh factor that flags have to deal with.  Great deals, cheap prices, free shipping and impeccable customer service are what they are most proud of acquired from their 25 long years of existence in the business.

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