Saturday, November 13, 2010

Five Packages in 3 Days

I’ve received five (5) packages in a span of 3 days.

I know..this is so NOT me.  But before you think I went overboard, let me just say that I didn’t order all of them at the same time.  One package was ordered 1 1/2 months ago through the kindness of my US-based friend.  It contained several clothing pieces for my boys and me from Old Navy’s sale and of course, my Christmas gift for myself..a DKNY watch.  All other loots are just small time purchases..replenishment supplies for my mineral makeup stash and 5 dresses from Facebook sellers each worth just a few hundred bucks.  Nevertheless, I got reminded by the husband who might have wondered how the receipt printer exhaustingly worked seeing the volume of my packages and the frequency of the delivery.  He warned me to “mellow” down a bit. 

*But hey, I tightened my belt for a long time and with all the hard blogging work I’ve done for this year, don’t I deserve to treat myself with a little shopping spree.*

Okay, that’s just me..reasoning out. Hehe!

With that and since I listen to the husband, I will be turning my “sapi” mode off.

…….after my last hurrah from Shek Galore next week. Hahaha!

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