Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Dream Anniversary Carribean Vacation

Seriously, if only we have the money to spend, I wouldn’t think twice of booking a caribbean vacation for our 5th wedding anniversary next month.  It would surely be a romantic place to celebrate this milestone and a lovely setting to re-affirm the vow we’ve made five years ago.  This would also certainly bring back memories of our Boracay honeymoon where we enjoyed the tranquility and beauty of the beach.

I would love to experience each of the Caribbean Islands but if I were to choose just one, I’d go for Bahamas where heaven is closer than ever imagined, as many claim.  Miles of pristine beaches, endless sea of turquoise and the world’s clearest water…those are what the Bahamas boasts off.  What sets this place apart from the other paradise is that it has plenty of everything: a glamorous nightlife, laid-back island attitude, exceptional gourmet dining, first class casino gaming, offers a superior shopping experience, fantastic golf, scuba and other water activities, friendly people and so much more that make the most superb caribbean vacations.

Breezes is one of the most raved about caribbean resorts by many tourists because of the myriad vacation possibilities like all inclusive packages, special deals and discounts, wide array of resorts and spas offerings among others.  Many couples have been opting to celebrate their weddings and honeymoons here because of its exceptional vacation experience it assures its guests.

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