Friday, November 26, 2010

Movie Night

Even though it can be expensive to take the whole family to a movie, there are just some times we need to pull ourselves away from the online casino games and venture out to the theater. One of the best times of the year to do head out to the movies is Thanksgiving.
Around the holidays, Hollywood seems to release some of their best family films of the year. I think it's because the holidays are a time for families to gather together, celebrate, and just plain have some fun together. I know that my family is no exception when it comes to holiday family fun and togetherness time. We have a tradition in my family that we go and see a new release after we have stuffed ourselves full of turkey on Thanksgiving Day. This year, we plan on going to see "Tangled."

Now, Tangled is Disney's newest animated feature. It's based around the classic fairy tale of Rapunzel, but it delivers its own little twist to the story. Rapunzel has been locked in the tower since she was an infant, and her golden locks (that grow to a whopping 70 feet long) hold the key to the evil Mother Gothel's youth. She takes a passing thief hostage, and wants him to take her to the city that she has only seen from a distance. He acts as her guide all along their fun-filled journey.

I am super excited to see this movie. Disney rarely disappoints when it comes to animated movies, though their live action ones can be hit and miss. So, I honestly have no problem spending money on tickets, popcorn, sodas, candy, etc., because with Disney's track record when it comes to animated features, it's a pretty sure bet that my family will have fun.

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