Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Business and Investment.

My Dad is on a lookout for a new business venture. He's thinking of putting up a new biz, just a small one to begin with and one that's easy to manage even if he's not around that much. He's based in the Middle East where he still works as a consultant. Our youngest sibling is graduating this month so he's letting him manage the new business. However, he's quite adamant of putting one with the unpredictable economy that we have. Of course, it's already given that a business is always risky regardless how the economy is behaving. Aside from putting up a business, my Dad is thinking of trying out gold coins investment, too. He just learned from the financial experts that now is the best time to buy gold coins while the Euro dollar is doing great against the US dollar. Let's see if he gains the confidence to try both business and investment ventures.

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