Saturday, March 20, 2010

Krispy Kreme Baked Creations.

If you have a sweet tooth or a savory craving, a donut lover, a muffin hearty eater and a big Krispy Kreme fan..then, surely, their newest creation called Krispy Kreme Baked Creations is something that will make you rush to their nearest branch. But sorry, I think this is initially offered in their Ayala Avenue and Greenhills branches for the mean time.

But first, let me just remind not to bother scouring for and thinking about the best acne pill fearing that too much Kruffins sweets will cause you acne. That's just a false notion as acne is caused by nothing but hormonal imbalance. Period.

So what exactly is a Kruffin and a Pull-Apart?

Kruffins - freshly baked American style hand made muffin with a hole. It is filled with rich, luscious and delicious fruits, nuts or chocolates. Its variety includes Double Chocolate, Apple Streussel, Blueberry and Classic

Pull-Aparts - freshly baked hand-rolled balls of dough originating from North, pulled apart and laid to form a doughnut. It is filled with sweet or savory varieties which include Cheese, Bacon & Cheese, Sausage & Cheese and Cinnamon.

Did I get you drooling there?

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